Tuesday, November 19, 2013

E-man's Super Mario Party

  A few weeks ago my little E-man turned 6. There is just something about him being 6, like the first 5 years of watching him grow are complete and we have started a new chapter in his life.

  I really wanted to throw him a cookie-decorating party. This is a party theme I saw in a magazine while pregnant and held onto all these years. I really tried to sell him on the idea. He was pretty firm on his decision: It would have to be a Super Mario Party.
   I'll admit I was a little sad at first, but then I started brainstorming on this Mario themed party and got over it real quick. And in the end it all came together pretty nicely.

I was so happy with the way the cake turned out. I ordered the little figures on Amazon for only $5.00 and my local grocery store did the rest. You could tell these girls played a little Super Mario when they were kids, because the details were right on! And it tasted great!

I kept the decorations pretty simple this year. At Party Galaxy I found a few Mario items, table cloth, plates and napkins. Also a cool a pretty cool 3D Mario and Luigi centerpiece. One of my favorite things was the star balloons. I just bought cheap-o balloons and drew two lines on for eyes. Too easy, and super cute.

Now let's take a minute to talk about the Power-up mushroom pops. I gotta admit these were a huge pain. These were my second batch, because I had never made cake pops, and I wanted to have a little experience before making the ones for the party. Wow did I learn a lot from that first try! Overall, I think they turned out looking cool, and they tasted really good. But, these are truly the best of about 40 sad little cake pops....I basically copied this video -Nerdy Nummies Super Mario Cake Pops. It is really funny and made me feel a little better about all my failure pops.

As hard as the pops were, the food was incredibly easy this year. I made little pizzas out of biscuits. The cheese puffs are fire balls (by the way, you can ONLY buy cheese puffs in an industrial size canister- holy crap that's a ton of puffs!). I made cloud jello by simply layer cool whip and blue jello. Gobstoppers served as our Yoshi eggs, and the most popular item to the kids were the Yoshi tongues, which were just twizzlers.
I also made Princess peach fruit salad. I just mixed a bunch of fruit up with a few teaspoons of vanilla pudding mix and let it set over night. It was so yummy. I went a little lazy and bought a veggie tray too. I made all the little labels using a template I found online and a little PicMonkey magic. Gotta love DIY!

This year was the first time we played games at a party. We were lucky to find a place mat at Walmart for $2.00 that served as our pin the mustache on mario back drop. The other game was a "Stomp the Baddies" game. My sister and I spent about an hour, stuffing gold coins into balloons, blowing them up and then either drawing or gluing on the faces to make Chain chomps, Goombas, and my personal favorites the Boos. They turned out so cool, and in less then one minutes they were smashed to pieces. My sister looked so sad to see her work obliterated. But, the kids loved it!

It was such a fun way to celebrate my little guy turning 6. Thanks to every one out there who made that day special! 

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