Friday, May 10, 2013

Dino Bento

I had to post E-man's bento today because I thought it turned out super cute! He has been learning all about dinosaurs in his Pre-k class, so I thought I would try to go along with that theme.

  The sandwich is on whole grain white bread and consists of turkey and cheese with a little mustard. The kid likes a simple sandwich what can I say.
  It got a little whompy( my spell check say this isn't a word, but I say IT IS!) but I could still tell it was a dinosaur so it worked. I made the palm tree out of crust and some leftover zucchini slices. The cheddar sun(cut out by the hubby with a shaker lid) brought it all together.
 On the side he has fresh blueberries and carrot sticks with a bit of ranch. He also has a GoGo Squeeze Strawberry Apple Sauce and a bottle of water.
5 minutes and he gets a super cool lunch!
I can't believe he only has a few weeks left of Pre-K! I am going to miss doing bento boxes this summer( or I will just do them at home!)  

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