Friday, April 26, 2013

The Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts 2013

Every spring the Arts Council of Oklahoma City hosts the Festival of the Arts in downtown OKC. The festival is a free event that showcases over 100 local artists. We make it a point to go every year- the kids love it, the art is beautiful, there is always some sort of performance going on and of course the cherry on top for me-
    Street food like crazy.

I ate so much I was in pain for the rest of the night. But it was worth it!

It was so hard to pick what we would eat for lunch, but it quickly became clear that it would be Waffle Awesome.

My sister and I went for the Chicken N' Waffle and I ordered Little Mr. a Nutella and Fruit Waffle.

Tender fried chicken strips, a maple sauce, all wrapped up in a soft a flavorful waffle.

  I was so carb drunk after this and a beer that I could have fallen asleep!

What a shame Little Mr. couldn't finish all of his huge lunch, so we had to help him out!

Nutella, strawberries, banana, whip cream and a little sprinkle of brown sugar.

YES I am aware that I picked the dessert for my son's lunch. But Really, it wasn't all that bad, and he ate it up!

After a curbside lunch we went for another walk around the festival. I love this spot downtown, which is beautiful with or without and event. OKC you are on fine lookin' lady!

Our favorite artwork was this crazy wire work done by Josh Brooke Cote. Freaky mermaid lady was pretty cool and the Little Mr. had a strange attraction to all the bunnies.

How cool is this Faux grow couch? And yes it was very soft!

The star of our little group was the kiddo's balloon. So many people pulled us aside to inquire about this balloon and one girl even asked for a picture of it! It also whacked about 20 people in the head because it was huge and it was windy. If you were whacked by my son's balloon I deeply apologize. :)

After all that walking we decided it was time for dessert!
Strawberries Newport are just an OKC Arts Festival staple. Lightly sweetened puff pastry, a creamy rich custard, a mound of whipped cream, and fresh strawberries all pile into a pretty rockin' dessert.

On my way out I HAD to get the hubby some of our favorite German Roasted Nuts. We get the cashews, but they also have pecans and almonds. The are warm, sweet and cinnamony. Yum yum yum. I only ate about 10 before I made myself stash the rest away for C.W.

When we got home this guy had passed out. Notice the balloon still attached to the wrist.

It was a great day, we had a lot of fun, got some sun ate our fill and took some time out to appreciate talented artists. For more info visit the Arts Council of Oklahoma City's website Here.

As for today, I have to make up for all that eating yesterday so this will be my thing for the day-

Veggies and Hummus YUM!

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  1. Think I am going today. Food looked great.