Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Muffin Tin Meals

 The first time I saw this idea of using a muffin tin to serve a toddler lunch I was instantly intrigued. A few months down the road, and I can tell you that this is one of the best ways to serve up an easy lunch to your kids. Let me tell you a few reasons why I think everyone should give this try:
  First of all, for a picky eater, you can arrange a mini buffet of all their favorites and in the corner they will hardly notice you snuck in something new. My boys always just seem excited to get to pick and choose- and then, they eat it all up.

 Secondly, my Little Mister is at that super fun stage where he wants to eat all the time- snack snack snack, until meal time. And then he snubs his sandwiches or grilled chicken and veggies. Even if I don't give in to his constant grazing he still leaves the dinner table way too early. This is another one of those ways to think about feeding your kids based on their perspective. They just want snacks- well you just gave them a snack platter! Little do they know that this is truly a meal in disguise.

 Also, the one I made here for Little Mister is a six cup muffin tin, but when I have a little group of kids who need an easy lunch or good snack I bust out the 16 cupper and fill it up with all kinds of stuff. Sooo much faster for me than making multiple plates of lunches.

A quick run down of this one- Cucumbers, mini sweet peppers, cantaloupe(cubed with FUNbites), green grapes, turkey roll ups w/ colby cheese slices, and wheat thins with spinach hummus. 

   The best thing about this really is how versatile it is- I just throw whatever I have in the fridge in there, sometimes I do tiny Funbites sandwiches, or put in a little dessert cup too. 

  Give it a try sometime and let me know how it goes for you! 

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