Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Bento

Happy Earth Day! 

Ok... I didn't even realize it was Earth Day until after I had taken E-man to school today. Sorry Earth, I've been really busy.

 So even though now I'm kicking myself for not making a super cool Earth themed lunch- I think this one can kind of count. It is definitely nature inspired. Nature, Earth, those things all go hand in hand. I bet E-man will think it was all part of the plan......

This bento was really simple and came together nicely. I cut a turkey and cheddar sandwich into two flowers, and topped them each with a flower punch out of colby jack cheese.I finished it off with a couple baran sheets of grass (My husband kept asking me if they were edible...But I think E knows not to eat them!) and some white cheddar Pirate's Booty that I think looked just like clouds! (BTW...still searching for a small cloud shaped cookie cutter if anyone has seen one).

On the side he got a clementine arranged like flower petals with a little strawberry and blueberry center.
 I put a little ranch in the bottom of a cup liner and popped in some baby carrots. I stuck a little bunny pick in for fun.
  He also has a GoGo Squeeze Apple Berry Sauce and water packed in his lunch bag.

Not too shabby for a Monday Morning!


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