Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Puzzle Bento- with a side of "Walmart Rant"

 I have to share E-man's bento box with you guys today. Although, I will admit it didn't take much effort to put together on my part (most his lunches don't-they just look that way!). But, this bento is sort of a personal triumph for me.
  Let me explain, and keep in mind I know I'm kooky.
Ever since August when I began my bento obsession I have been suffering an internal battle over this

I had convinced myself fully, that a puzzle themed lunch would be the lunch of all lunches-yet, the frugal mom in me couldn't commit to the price....$15.00. Plus shipping and handling. Like I said, an internal battle was fought over this and never to be resolved.
   Until, I discovered that Munchkin makes a sandwich cutter in the shape of four puzzle pieces. And guess how much- Only $3! And guess what- they actually had it in stock at my local Walmart!
  Let me tell you- I try to avoid shopping at Walmart when possible, but for this- the holy grail of sandwich cutters, I could make an exception.

 I grabbed a friend, and headed off to Walmart with so much hope and determination. 
But, Walmart- like always- was waiting there to crush such hopes and dreams. And after mildly harassing and what may be considered stalking a Customer Service Representative (Walmart's title, not mine of course!) this coveted cutter proved to be elusive. "I hate these kinds of things, they are such a pain to look for!", cried Fred- my new found nemesis upon my presenting him the Penguin version of the same cutter. To which I replied as sweetly as I could- "but couldn't you just take a look for me? Your website says this location has them in stock." After a lot of banter back and forth and a rising tension overflowing with passive aggressiveness from both parties- Fred agreed to venture to the black hole that is the Walmart stock room.

 20 minutes later, he returned from I'm not sure where because we(my poor friend and I) waited outside the doors he went into for him to emerge.
   And he had nothing, but a smug I-told-you-so-attitude. I thanked him of course for his effort. And sadly sulked home. My friend laughing at me the whole time.

Look, I told you was kooky- and once I get my heart set on something I can't help but to get wrapped up in it.

 Well, readers- let me confirm to you that I have now in my possession this bad boy right here- 

That's right! I found it, months later on a whim, I happened to be at Walmart and just popped over to the baby isle and there it was! I was more excited about this, than anyone should be- EVER. But, it was my victory and a happy dance ensued.

  And then, I had to wait all weekend and a national holiday before getting to make this-

Isn't she beautiful? E-man's lunch today was a puzzle shaped turkey and cheese on whole grain bread, all natural parm popcorn, fruit salad, an Apple Berry GoGo Squeeze, and two of the "bones" leftover from Little Mr.'s party made from white chocolate, pretzels and mini marshmallows.

  I am sure he is going to love it- because he loves puzzles. So... If you find this cutter in your local Walmart, treat yourself to it and your kids can have an awesome lunch like this! 
    But, I don't advise making it a conquest like I did or you may end up with Walmart-induced-heart-ache.

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